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“I am feeling seriously “blissed out .. just so supercharged!! Today - so wonderful!! Thank you” L.M

During a one-to-one session, Corinne guided me through a conflict relationship resolution. She has the skill to be able to get to the root of a problem. I left this session with an affirmative summary list in my own words. I use it as a reminder as a practical, positive communication tool.

When I finish sessions with Corinne, I feel her positive attitude lifts me up with hope and guides me in positive direction.

Thank you Corinne ~ J.Q.

Firstly I just wanted to say thank you for the time we have spent together, you are by far my favourite therapist I’ve ever seen, I often have a hard time finding someone who I feel understands me but that was never the case with you. I really appreciate the help you offered me and time spent listening to me. ~ T.S

Hello Corinne, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help and that you have already made a big difference in my life:), H.M.


I have had a number of one-on-one energy sessions with Corinne, which are lovely; and also a transpersonal session - an amazing journey deep within. She creates a safe space and guides you through releasing programming, and protection mechanisms that no longer serve you – only as you are ready. I highly recommend any of Corinne’s sessions and any event she is involved in. She has an amazingly calm, gentle presence – you won’t be disappointed. She will help you connect with yourself more than you ever thought you could. Thank you, Corinne! ~CG

“Hi Corinne, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you.  For me it is a really important experience coming to see you and spending time with you.  I have faith in your energy work and without knowing exactly why, I feel compelled to seek out your support.   You are so supportive but at the same time grounded and balanced.  Words don’t seem to do it all justice, but thank you very much for your help and gifts. Sincerely, Liam”

Thank you Corinne for an amazing energy session. You made me feel so comfortable and welcome and shared an amazing talent with me. I feel so energized, pure, optimistic and comforted.” E.S.


Before my sessions with Corinne, I went through over one year of psychological counselling weekly. This was very helpful and insightful. However, I truly feel that I got much farther down the road of self-discovery and healing in just two transpersonal therapy sessions with Corinne. I had an intense connection with my inner self and an incredible vision of the joy and potential that I have access to right now. Corinne provides a powerful bridge to that place. ~ L.S.

Even to this day/morning, still reflecting on our session and its relevance to my life and how things have been progressing and the integral role it played. Would love to do another session to go deeper and work on other aspects. I felt a great sense of mystic journey travelling deep into my Self where the energetic ties of all time and space lie. Our session was a conscious exploration of the unconscious and an intention for allowing the awareness of deeper realms of my own mind body complex to come to the forefront. I gained more direct insight into my present moment situation by exploring what seemed to be past life experiences. My session included blissful, deeply layered and transcendent experiences, the recurrent waves of which are still daily being explored. Thanks ~ M.S.

“I just wanted to let you know what an amazing service I think you provide! I was able to let go and release so many pent up emotions and feelings that were lingering within me thanks to your facilitation, expertise and wisdom! You were able to bring such clarity and insight into my personal situation that I am truly astonished and impressed with your ability to tune into others on such a deep level.


The Inner Realms provided me with a wonderfully healing experience in a safe and comfortable environment in which I was able to let it flow and let it go enabling me to live a life by design rather than by default! Beautiful, peaceful and liberating are words that best describe my experience at The Inner Realms. Once again, thank you for helping me to let go of the negative and to embrace the positive in such a healthful and balanced manner. Take care. Sincerely Yours,”

~ F. B.,

Corinne,, Thank you SO much for being such an amazing guide; this has turned out to be the most interesting and profound journeys I’ve ever taken.

I still use the visualization exercises that you coached me through and, as a result, I feel I now have control over the situations that I once avoided and dreaded; I am actually living in The Present. You’ve helped me discover that the most dependable allies I have are my thoughts, my words, my actions, and my heart.

Thank you for pointing me to the centre of my own Inner Realm.

Much Love, C.V.

For years I have been working to improve my self-confidence and self-esteem in order to achieve more peace in my life.

I had the fortune of knowing Corinne, a transpersoanl therapist, and we worked together to clear some of my limiting blocks, so that I could ultimately be more successful in life.

Corinne started out by asking me a number of questions to ensure she understood my concerns and how best to apply the various modalities available to her. Her kind and sensitive approach put me at ease so that I could open up, relax and face some of these “monsters” of my past.

Corinne was masterful at taking me back to clear and heal some upsetting events in my life that were contributing to my lack of self-confidence. She was very intuitive at guiding me through the process, helping my subconscious mind to identify relevant issues and blocks. She was creative and sensitive in how she helped me to understand, forgive and release those issues. I found the results after two sessions remarkable.

Today, my confidence and self-esteem continues to grow. I feel better about myself and have begun living a more positive, healthy life as a result. Corinne’s skill and compassion supported me through these sessions in such a caring way, and helped me to face and release some limiting beliefs I had been carrying for too long.

I highly recommend Corinne as a hypnotherapist and am confident in her abilities to help others heal and live their best lives as she did with me.~Laurie B.

“Wow. Wow. That was fantastic. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.You are a magical healer.” ~ R.B.

“AWESOME! I’m not going to be able stop smiling for years, eons and eons.Now I fully accept. I accept with every essence of my Being. Thank you so much!”

~ C.M.S.

I had an amazing experience when I had a session with Corinne. While in the session, I recalled a conversation with my father when I was 5 years old. I was in grade one and he told me “I couldn’t read very well”. I am now 60 years old. I had not thought much or told a sole about this conversation in 56 years. Through Corinne’s intuition and skill I was clearly able to see the statement made by my father had contributed to a lack of self-confidence and shyness in me for many years. This was an incredible revelation. Although I feel I have over the years overcome my low self-esteem, I will continue to have sessions with Corinne.

Thank you Corinne. ~ J.C.

In working with Corinne I have had amazing openings that have allowed me to expand my being by putting some of my fears to rest and moving past my self-imposed limitations. Thanks!! ~ Rob S.

Corinne has been channelling and cultivating Divine energy to the point where she is Embodying Divinity in everything she does. I admire and respect her Blissipline. She keeps herself full and flowing so that she may share so freely and generously, in the most gentle yet powerful enlightening way! She is a Wise old soul with that inner child curiosity and sense of adventure shining through her eyes. Namaste JQ, 


“I have heard about footbaths, but never really thought that it was such an amazing experience.  My feet felt so alive after the session, and it was super cool to look at the color and assess the toxins that came out. I can hardly wait for my next treatment, (neither) can my feet!”  

r. sinclair


Spoon Bending 

I went into this workshop with equal levels of skepticism and openness to possibilities. My science brain still can't wrap itself around the "how" but by the end I was bending spoons with very little effort. It was the first time in my life that I created "magic" with my hands that the brain couldn't immediately rationalize to steal the enchanting experience away.

~ B.Tyson (

Eight years ago I participated in my first workshop journeying through the chakras using guided meditation and ecstatic dance, co-facilitated by Corinne. Over the years since, I have attended several similar workshops she’s offered, as well as other events and activities she has been involved in. I brought to that very first workshop a belief that I couldn’t meditate (a common misconception, I think) - but the guided meditations on which she led us, provided me a way to journey further into myself, into a relaxed state I had previously never known. ~ C.G. 

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