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Our brain waves reveal our state of mind through the frequencies we choose to live by in this physical world.

These brainwave frequencies are measured in, Hertz (Hz), by an EEG machine (electroencephalograph).

The various brainwave states for adults are:

Lambda (~200Hz)

Hyper-gamma (~100-40 Hz)

Although Epsilon, Hyper-gamma and Lambda are associated with differing brain activity, they have been found to display the same states of consciousness. There seems to be a circular link between these extremes of brainwave activity and the states of consciousness which they represent. They appear to be associated with the type of extraordinary states of consciousness we find in the highest states of meditation, deepest levels of insight, personal original creative problem solving and high degrees of Self-awareness. ActivityAndEcstaticStatesOfConsciousness.asp

Gamma (~30-70 Hz)

Gamma brainwaves are associated with combining information holographically for higher-levels of awareness; perception and consciousness of unity and has been call the “harmonizing” frequency allowing for unification of all different information

Beta (14-30 Hz)

The Beta state is most related to the conscious mind in the normal waking state where our focus is directed away from our inner self; associated with direct linear thinking and wide awake mental activity, high levels of focused concentration; continual existence in this state creates anxiety and stress

Alpha (8-13 Hz)

When in Alpha state, this is generally internally focused and self-reflective state such as daydreaming, a relaxing walk, cleaning or light meditation while the conscious mind begins to relax and does not require full attention; insightful observations can be discovered at this level as the attention is in a state of open focus.

Theta (4-8 Hz)

The Theta state the subconscious mind images; transition zone between wakefulness and sleep; creative inspirational problem solving and visualization, out-of-body meditation experiencing beauty and peace with spiritual insights; lucid dreaming; Shamanic “journeying”; psychic experiences; astral projection; extended remote viewing; deeper meditations; capability of transcending time and space; obtain information from the highest source

Delta (0.5-4 Hz)

Delta state is a deep restorative sleep; deep physical relaxation, being in the “void” in timeless states, ecstatic states of consciousness; profound meditative states; physical body coma; awareness is within the Universal Mind. It's more challenging to hold memories of experiences in this state. The Super-Conscious mind is accessed in the state.

Epsilon (>0.5 Hz)

Epsilon is an extraordinary state of consciousness associated with high levels of inspirational states such as ecstatic states of consciousness, spiritual insights, Yogic states of suspended animation where no heart beat, respiration or pulse can be detected.

Brain Waves During Transpersonal Therapy For some time the Alpha state was considered the “trance state”. More research is indicating that Theta, sometimes Delta and Gamma waves at 40Hz are predominant. Most wave patterns can be detected in all trance states due to the interaction with suggestions and memories, as well as the influence and presence of the conscious mind.

The sequence of brainwaves during a Transpersonal session may look like this:

  • As you close your eyes, focus on your breathing and begin to relax your body – alpha waves appear.

  • As your body and mind continue to progressively relax and deepen an increase in theta and some delta activity emerge. The alpha activity disappears.

  • During a transpersonal session the brain wave activity can vary depending upon the nature of the questions and the effect they are having.

  • During the transpersonal state, there is a gradual increase in gamma wave activity.

  • As the session comes to an end the alpha state returns and then finally the awake state of beta returns.

*These are also the same brain wave activities that are encountered in the sleep states.

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