The Inner Realms

For those of you who feel the importance for a deeper connection to your alignment, upliftment and clarity ... 

These sessions are moments in time where can you offer yourself this space to ...

​give back and take care of yourself,

relax your body,

open your mind,

expand your awareness of yourself,

explore those parts of you that desire clarity,

so that you may deepen into your own connection and Truth,

and move forward on your Path.  

The Inner Realms offers an alternative destination

for deeper energetic alignment. 

For some, inviting in relaxtion is what is required to regenerate

from the busy world with an energy session or vibrational sound treatment.

If the body is requiring an internal physical cleanse,

then a relaxing ionic detoxification footbath is available.


For others, there is a desire go inward and clear emotionally

to discover how long standing belief patterns have affected your Life

though Integrative Dialoguing or Conscious Breathwork.


For those who are called to explore at the deeper levels,

there is an opportunity to enter into a very relaxed state of mind and body,

where space and time synchronistically connect to communicate with

the unseen aspects of your Self, to surface, communicate and be transformed.


Each person will connect differently with the various modalities

depending on what is required in the moment.

As your body, your heart and your mind continue to be at ease,

this then becomes the desired state of Being, feeling GOOD!

The intention of these sessions is for you to leave feeling clearer

and inspired to make any necessary changes

that you feel are required in your Life.



Circumstances do not determine your state of being.

Your state of being determines your circumstances.


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Thank you for stopping by and welcome!

Let me share some insight about myself and my practice.  

The Inner Realms was created in recognition that there is an eternal vastness within each of us, which is a carbon copy of our perceived externalized world.  I have always had an interest in how the pieces of this puzzle called Life link together and fascinated at how connecting the magical dots in this reality creates a picture that tells a story.  


Early in my childhood I sensed that everything was energetically connected, which became the vital foundation for my path.  I am attracted to the relationship of energy in the seen and unseen, physical and non-physical, consciousness and unconsciousness.  I love exploring the edges of what is possible in thought and consciousness. 


This world maintains a fast pace that lures us into a perpetual state of busyness, drawing us out of our centre to the point where we feel lost or disconnected.  This ultimately creates stress mentally, emotionally and eventually physically and we become misaligned.  Also for those who are awakening, longstanding emotional and behavioural patterns are surfacing faster and faster now, that can be very disorienting, confusing and challenging to negotiate. 


When we slow down, create time for self-reflection and inner contemplation by relaxing, listening and turning our attention inward, the ultimate question arises, “Who Am I?”.  It is within this space that we can access our own wisdom, medicine, advice, deep reverence and Love that is the ultimate Key.    


Since childhood I have been exploring the edges of what is possible in the realms of consciousness in relation to patterns of thought and cycles of behaviour. For the past decade in my practice I have developed alternative and unique energetic maps that have become the framework for my sessions, guiding people to reconnect with their wholeness using their own keys of awareness.


In the realms that exist within, whether unseen in the darkness or Light, I am passionate about bridging this polarity and guiding people back into feeling good about themselves and their Lives again.  


You are your best navigator on your journey.

You hold the keys to open all of your doors. 


If are ready for your internal compass to be reflected back to you, then it is time to meet.  My role is to assist you back onto your path that feels true for you, while reminding you of who you are.  

Thank you for your attention.

I look forward to meeting you if our paths are meant to cross.

In appreciation,

For who you are.  







As an Energy Practitioner and Spiritual Counsellor, Corinne Cornish is passionate about the relationship of energy in how it cycles, patterns, as well as how it expresses itself through the fabric of reality. In her private practice, Corinne guides people inward who have a deeper calling into the meaning of their energetic patterns and how their behaviours affect their Lives.  She also works with larger groups in workshops and retreat settings for those who choose to deepen in their knowledge, awareness and embodiment of Self.


Corinne is formally trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator and has a Bachelor of Education.  Her private practice is The Inner Realms.  She is also the co-founder of Inner Journeys with Kylee Dawn.


Corinne lives in Calgary, AB in a sweet house with her raspberries in the summer and cross country skies in the winter when the snow is abundant.  


Connect with Corinne at, on Facebook, as well as


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