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The Power of 3


In the fall of 2005 I began to notice that the same signs, themes, dream messages, etc., were surfacing in series of 3. I then realized these were NOT coincidences, as nothing is. So as I began to give attention to these similar occurrences, they started to happen more frequently. Amazing isn' t it . . . that which we give attention to increases in frequency! More recently I decided that if I was shown something 3 times, I would trust it as a confirmation and act on it. Below are my accounts of the 3's that I have had to date.

THE POWER OF CLUES #1. In the late summer of 2004 I found myself in the middle of the Nevada desert in a large pink dome at a workshop called DNA Activation at a festival called Burning Man. I experienced a journey through my pituitary gland, my cells and many other fascinating visualizations that left me wondering what had happened to me. At the end of the workshop I managed to ask the facilitator for his card that read, Energy Practitioner, Hypnotherapist.

#2. While researching local Reiki Masters on the internet to complete my Masters, I noticed on the sidebar of a particular page that free introductory hypnosis classes were being offered. I took note of it, but soon forgot.

#3. Heading south one afternoon while driving through the city, I saw a small notice board on the side of the road "Learn Hypnosis". When I saw this, my 2 previous memories joined this one and I knew that I needed to follow up with these messages.

Result: I am now a Clinical Hypnotherapist and so thankful for taking action on this power of 3!

It has absolutely changed my life.

THE POWER OF 3 This is one of the most powerful 3's that have appeared, primarily due to the channels of delivery.

#1. During a vivid lucid dream I asked my pre-prepared question to a very nice blond young man. "What do I need to know to move myself out of my way?" His eyes intently locked onto mine and he clearly said, "Die in every moment." I then felt myself falling backwards off a cliff. The impact of the message and the fear of falling jolted me awake. The message felt so profound that it motivated me to turn on the light and write it down.

#2. I had just picked up a fabulous book after lending it to a friend, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I randomly opened the book to see what would appear and on the lower left hand corner of the page my eyes read, "Die to the past in every moment." Even before I had finished reading the sentence, a very strange feeling crept into my body. I sat back in my chair and gently closed the book. I knew I was being asked to apply this teaching to my life.

#3. Never imagining that this could ever happen again, while cutting pictures out of a variety of magazines for a vision board, I was excited to see an article written by the same Eckhart Tolle. I sat back to enjoy his insight when 3/4 of the way down the page I read, "Die to the past in every moment." After receiving this message for the third time, I realized this message was meant to help me free my mind of its active thought patterns.

Result: I continue to integrate this powerful teaching, reminding myself to be present and allowing the past thoughts to die in every moment.

#4. Once the message goes beyond 3, I clearly need a further reminder. This is one of those time! Now years later, 2021 I recently watched a YouTube video by Phil Good who shared a message, "Live as if you have already died",

Indeed .... this is a most potent time for a reminder on this message!

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